HSAR's challenge to prove "the world's No.1 action recognition AI technology


Asilla, a developer of security systems with world-class behavior recognition AI at its core, launched a dedicated human science research team, Human Science AI Research Team (HSAR), in February 2023 with the aim of further improving AI. In this article, we continue our interview with Masahiro Wakasa, CTO of Asilla, about how future research can contribute to society through products.

The goal is to create a new social infrastructure.
The power of "behavior-aware AI" makes safety and security the norm.

Research results are used to solve various social issues for customers and society through products. Specifically, what kind of expansion do you expect to see in the future?

‍Our core technology is behavioral recognition. For this reason, our products are currently focused on commercial facilities and office buildings, as security is the most important need. However, from a more bird's eye view, we believe that our products can be adapted to any place where human behavior intervenes. For example, not only commercial facilities and office buildings, but also factories, railroads, hospitals, and nursing care facilities. We are currently focusing on the Japanese market, but we believe that we can find extremely high value wherever humans exist, so we are considering expanding beyond Japan to the rest of the world in the future. We believe that every place where people are present can be a comfortable, safe, and secure space. We believe that our action recognition AI technology is necessary to realize such a society, and we are working on research and development on a daily basis.

‍- What concrete steps are you taking to achieve this?

‍As a research team, we believe it is important not only to conduct research, but also to create "technologies that are useful and actually used in the world. Therefore, we are aiming for a cycle in which research results are actually applied to products and used more and more in the real world. This research team has just been established, but new research results are scheduled to be released at the end of this month. Depending on the results, we plan to reflect them in our products. We are working in the short span of time to realize our goals. One of them is to increase the number of actions for detection by our base action recognition AI. Although the current focus is on general movements, we are working on research to enable detection of more detailed human-like movements as well.

Proving "World's Top Technology" What is Asilla's New Challenge?

CTO Wakasa to speak at Show Stoppers Launchit CES 2023 in Las Vegas
What are the medium- and long-term goals of the HSAR team, which connects research results to products and further improves value?
What are your medium- and long-term goals?

‍Because our company specializes in behavior recognition AI, we still feel that we cannot lose in this field. Therefore, one of our goals as a research team is to "become number one in the world in this behavior recognition technology. As a way of proving our achievements, we also plan to produce results in the academic arena in the future. One of our goals is to publish the results of our research team's work in an academic paper to gain worldwide acceptance of our technology in the academic world.

‍- How exactly does it work?

‍We are currently conducting joint research with universities and are in the process of accumulating knowledge. Our goal is to submit several papers by the end of this year to properly prove the value of our technology. We feel that papers have a very high ripple effect, and may attract the interest of more talented researchers, and from a business point of view, it will also improve the company's credibility, saying, "This company's technology is really excellent. With such expectations in mind, we would like to focus on publishing papers in the future.

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Asilla Inc.
Director CTO
Masahiro Wakasa

After completing his postgraduate studies at Tokyo Institute of Technology, he worked for JGC Corporation where he was involved in plant design IT work on overseas construction projects. He then joined Asilla Corporation, where he was in charge of proof-of-concept and product development projects related to behavior recognition AI, and became the company's executive officer and CTO in 2022. He continues to focus on product development using AI technology and research and development of new technologies.



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